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Hello! So glad you have popped by. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences I will be able to help other people get the little babies they want.

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The aftermath

I have my “rainbow baby” although I don’t like that term…..But I have him. And yet the past is not erased, the grief continues, the memories sting. There is still loss occurring – loss of the family I thought we would have, loss of the chance to try for another child knowing what we know… Continue reading The aftermath

Pregnancy #7

What a stressful time. We were on high alert for a BFP as the instant we had a positive pregnancy test we needed to commence our immune protocol. I was testing from very early but it was all complicated by the medication I was taking – progesterone emulates pregnancy symptoms and I was taking massive… Continue reading Pregnancy #7

Reproductive immunology

During these pregnancies and miscarriages I was busy researching, always reading, always seeking answers. After miscarriage #5 I had my next plan of action lined up. I had been reading a lot of forums over the past couple of years and seen a lot of information about reproductive immunology. I read that there were only… Continue reading Reproductive immunology

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